The two lymph nodes at the back of your throat are called Tonsils. These two nodes have a specific function just like any other organ in your body. They work as a defence mechanism, and their function is to prevent your body from infection. Once the Tonsils get infected, then one will have a condition called tonsillitis.
Tonsillitis, a person, can have tonsillitis at any age, however, is a common childhood infection. The symptoms of this disease including the following: A swollen tonsil, Fever, Sore throat a scratchy-sounding voice, a stiff neck, headaches, jaw and neck tenderness due to swollen lymph nodes, tonsils that have white or yellow spots and few that I didn’t mention. As this condition can spread from one person to another, is caused by many bacteria and viruses such as streptococcal bacteria, which leads to strep throat. Once Tonsillitis caused by strep throat, this can be very dangerous as it can result in serious complications if you don’t treat it.
Causes of Tonsillitis
Let look at the causes of this infection. Tonsils fight viruses and bacteria that go into your body via your mouth, but tonsils are defenceless to infections attackers.
Cold is the common virus that causes Tonsillitis and also a bacterial infection such as strep throat as mentioned above.
Let’s look deep into viral causes. Most of the time flu is responsible for Tonsillitis. The short pace enlargement of tonsils can lead to throat infection known as glandular fever or kissing disease or Mono, and this is caused by Epstein-Barr virus, and it normally occurs in children. However, you can catch it at any age. Saliva spreads this virus, hence is called kissing disease.
Tonsillitis can be diagnosed; however, the process of diagnosing depends on a physical inspection of your throat. Normally the doctors take a throat culture; then the culture will be taken to the laboratory to see the primary cause of your Tonsillitis.