Black Panther Surpasses $1Bln at the Box Office


Black Panther Surpasses $1Bln at the Box Office

Posted OnMarch 19, 2018 0

Black Panther Surpasses $1Bln at the Box Office

The Black Panther Movie has reached yet another milestone surpassing the Billion dollar market at the box office. There seems to be no end to the amount of success the movie is achieving. Marvel comics knew that the movie would get a unique response, but they never imagined that the movie would be so well-paying.

Based on one of the most captivating stories in the Marvel portfolio of comics, the movie was a natural winner. It is actually a wonder why the brand has only been made into a movie now. Besides the story, there are several other factors that have influenced the phenomenal success of the superhero flick.

Black Panther
  1. The Story. As previously mentioned the Black Panther story is a very powerful one. However, we would also want to take time out to salute the story-tellers. This is everyone who worked on the movie production. The actors, directors, stylists, technical people and everyone else who came together to bring Wakanda and It’s New King to life on the big screen.
  2. Right Timing. Timing is everything in life. And the producers of this movie got it right. Hollywood had been dying for some diversity in the superhero movie department. The girl-power inspired Wonder Woman movie was also huge at the Box Office. However, it is the nearly all-black cast of the latest superhero from Marvel that has broken the records.
  • A Great Villian. The power of a good villain has never been more expressed than in this movie. The character of Erik Killmonger, Black Panther’s nemesis is very well defined. He is nearly the perfect baddie. Micheal B. Jordan who plays the part of the villain gives an excellent performance earning him millions of new fans worldwide.

The only thing that is left is for some to make a real money online casino game based on the movie. The brand has now reached all other sectors. We now wait to see which movie will dethrone Black Panther.

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